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Selasa, 20 November 2012

Enjoy Sunrise at Mount Batur

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Sunrise by Mount Batur,Bali
Bali is a paradise for tourism. Many foreign and local tourists who come to enjoy the beautiful scenery bali. Banya tourist spots in Bali that offer natural beauty such as Tanah Lot, Lovina, Kuta, Sanur, Ubud, Kintamani, Bedugul and much more. One of them is nature is precisely Kintamani Mount Batur. The cool breezes and morning dew sparkle adds cozy atmosphere while on vacation to this place. On the morning of the summit Mount Batur will look beautiful sunrise. The following are some of the photos taken at sunrise appears:
Sunrise by Mount Batur,Bali

Sunrise by Mount Batur,Bali

Sunrise by Mount Batur,Bali

How? what you are interested in trying this place to vacation. I can guarantee you will get high satisfaction. So take advantage of your vacation to visit this place.
Happy Traveling.
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The beauty of Mount Batur Bali

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One more interesting sights on the island of Bali, the lake and mountain Batur in Kintamani district sub Bangli.Pemandangan wild mountains and lakes are so beautiful and unik.Bila from Denpasar city can be reached within 2 hours of this mountain perjalanan.Di ever eruption which resulted in thousands of lives lost in 1917. For those of you who are a bit bored with the beach attractions, not hurt this one region to your destination berikutnya.Dengan average air temperature of 18 degrees Celsius, my friend will be pampered with a view of the hills that indah.Dari Panelokan friend will be treated to the beauty of nature combination of lake Batur which has the shape of a crescent moon with a carpet of black rocks on the mountain Batur.
Do not forget my friend when it got to the village of Kintamani Trunyan.Dengan also a time to use the boat about 20 minutes you can enjoy the exotic her. For the uninitiated Trunyan, is that if in general if people die in the grave in the ground, but if there is only leaning the body of the tree without any process dibuah penguburan.Tapi do not worry because my friend will not smell the odor because it is neutralized by the fragrant smell of wood incense is used as the place reliance.
just tips for my friend if you want to visit the lake and Mount Batur in Kintamani preferably in the morning or during the day because you can freely enjoy the scenery alam.Dan better not go there if the weather is overcast much less rain.

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Beauty and Panorama Alam Ubud

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Welcome to Ubud. Ubud is a tourist spot located in the mountains on the island of Bali. If you believe in and visiting this place, you will feel the peace and comfort because the place is trusted by the local community (Hindus) as the abode of the gods. To reach this place, you can travel for 2 hours from kuta to drive past Batubulan, Celuk, Ubud, Mas, and Kutri. When you enter the main line Ubud, you will enter the bitch Monkey Forest, along the way you will be greeted with a view of the dense forest, inhabited by about 200 species of monkeys.
In the Monkey Forest is also present Pura Dalem Agung, Captive deer. In each area Petulu afternoon, you can enjoy the view of hundreds of storks return to the nest - the nest where they live. Beauty, beauty and serenity of nature is what makes Ubud has an attraction for the tourists local and foreign tourists.

Besides known for its beauty, since ancient Ubud is known as the center of cultural tourism. No one if Ubud is known as a "haven" for artists and art lovers. Because in Ubud there are many art galleries and museums will be able to meet. On every weekend usually crowded visited by tourists to see different kinds of performances ranging from dance or Kecak fire dance, Legong dance, shadow puppets, and barong dance is usually performed in the temple. The show is open to the public and admission can be obtained from the local boy, lying spread around the area of ​​Ubud market with an average price of 50 thousand. You can also buy souvenirs typical of Bali and knick - knacks that are traditional in the Ubud markets and boutiques - small boutiques along the way there yag Monkey Forest. Prices are usually very expensive souvenir. Because it targetmarket they were massive foreign tourists. If you are interested in buying souvenirs, then arrange a up to 50%. That way they'll know that your local tourists to see your appearance. Good luck.
Happy Traveling.

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Pura Besakih,Bali

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Pura Besakih,Bali
PURA Besakih now indeed become the focus of a series of ceremonies will be held Panca Bali Krama. Located in Besakih Village, Rendang sub district, Karangasem, the temple is located at the foot of Mount Agung - on the southwestern slopes at an altitude of about 1,000 meters above sea level.
Mount Agung about 3142 meters high, the highest mountain in Bali, is an important part and parcel of the existence of Pura Besakih. Based on the record, Gunung Agung already meletns several times - in 1089, 1143, 1189 and 1963.
Subject establishment Besakih, based on the records contained in the inscription of metal or lontar, mentioned in the beginning was building small shrines which then enlarged and expanded gradually over a long time. From other sources it is known that the note at the beginning of the 11th century, which was in 1007, Pura Besakih already exists.
When was the reign of Airlangga in East Java (1019-1042) and professor Kuturan be senapati in Bali, based in Silayukti, Padangbai, Karangasem regency. Empu Kuturan Besakih enlarge and expand by building a number of shrines. Some buildings mimic Meru built in Java as it is now.
Another source said, Maha Rsi Markandeya move together as a group of about 8,000 people and Raung in East Java to Bali to settle down and open agricultural lands and establishing Besakih beg for a place of safety, and welfare by planting five datu.
Then, in the benikutnya, Wira Kesari Shri reign Warmadewauntil the reign of Dalem Waturenggong, Pura Besakih still get good maintenance. Almost all his shrines repaired, expanded their area, even by Dang Hyang Dwijendra or Rauh Wawu plus three shrines bear is now contained in the Pura Agung Besakih Penataran in about the 16th century, during the reign of Dalem Waturenggong in Bali.
Is mentioned, the word comes from the word basuki Besakih which means "congratulations". The word evolved into basukir and Basukih, then became Besakih. The name is found in two inscriptions that recorded in Gedong Penyimpenan in Natar Agung, an inscription on merajan Selonding and another in the temple in the village of Sakti Rowdy Strait.
Pura Besakih is a common function as a place for Hindus to invoke safety. At the time Lord Snow Kabeh which falls on every full moon sasih kedasa (around October) each year, all of Hindus flock to convey prostration service to the Lord. In this temple also Panca Wali Krama ceremony held every 10 years and the biggest is Eka Dasa Ludra ceremony every 100 years. Eka Dasa Ludra ceremony last held in 1979.
In the palm Kesunu mentioned Raja Jaya Sri Jayakesunu ordered penjor put on Galungan as a symbol of Mount Agung. At the time of Sri Krishna Kepakisan, as contained in the King Purana Besakth ejection of the ceremony, the name of shrines, pelaba soil, the composition of the board, to the extent the ceremony, well regulated.
Structure Pura
Until now, Pura Besakih remains the largest temple in Bali, is the central place of worship for Hindus in Indonesia. The group consists of 18 Pura Besakih temple complex located in the village of Besakih and one is located in the village of Sebudhi, Channel District, Karangasem. Apart from the temple mentioned below, there are many more temples penyiwaan Pedharman the real citizens can not be separated with the Pura Agung Besakih itself. Here are the details pretended it:
1. Pura Intersection
- Located in the Village Kedungdung, in the middle of the field about 1.5 km, in the South of the Great Penataran. In this temple there are 4 buildings and shrines. Its function as a temporary pesimpangan bhatara Besakih when held Melasti ceremony (looking toya ning) to Toya Sah, the Holy Tegal or to Batu Kiotok performed each year.
2. Pura Dalem Puri
- Located on the north bend of the last, before it reached the village Besakth about 1km southwest Penataran Agung Besakih. In this temple there are 10 buildings, including protectors, ggih shaped thatched roofed ancestral shrines. Functions As Linggih goddess Uma and Goddess Durga. In this temple there are also shrines Sang Hyang Prajapati as ruler of the human spirit. In the north there is a field called Tegal Penangsar.
3. Manik Mas Temple - Located on the outskirts of the road leading to the next kin Penataran Court, jarakiiya approximately 750 meters south Penataran Court. In this temple there are 6 buildings and shrines, including the shape of the building principal shrines store, hertiang four facing west. Function as Linggih Ida Ratu Mas Putting.
4. Build Pura Way
- Located on the right road to Penataran Court and the north Pura Manik Mas. In this temple there are buildings and peiinggih ernpat. Pelinggih essence is Gedong Save as Linggih Sang Hyang Ananthaboga.
5. Ulun Kulkul
- Located about 350 meters left of the road leading Penataran Court. In this temple there are seven buildings danpelinggih. The most important shrines are Gedong Sari thatched roofed as iinggih god Mahadeva. This temple is one of the Loka Phala Linggih Chess God, the manifestation of Sang Hyang Widhi which controls the west. Jewelry or fashion color in this temple, at the time of the ceremony, all in yellow.
6. Pura merajan Selonding
- Tenletak on the left Penataran Court, with five buildings danpelin, ggih. Stored in the temple inscriptions and a number of Pratima, and gamelan slonding. According to historical records, this temple is the former royal palace part and Sri Wira Dalem Kesari. Today, the temple serves as a repository for heirlooms.
7. Pura Goa
- Located on the right way to deal with Pura merajan Slonding. In this complex there is a large cave, but many parts are collapsed. According to folk belief, the cave through to Goa Lawah, east Kusamba, As for Sang Hyang Basuki cave. In this temple, there are four shrines.
8. Pura Banuwa
- Located to the right of the road in front of Pura Besakih, about 50 meters and Penataran Court. In pretend im there are four buildings and shrines devoted to the worship of Goddess Sri anyway. Each sasih kepitu or around January, in a ceremony held siii Ngusaba Ngeed and Reed Ngusaba aimed please prosperity in the fields and in the fields.
9. Pura merajan Kanginan
- Tenletak the east Pura Banuwa. In this temple there are seven buildings and shrines, of which there are shrines to master Baradah.
10. Pura Hyang Aluh
- Located in the west of the Great Penataran, herjarak about 200 meters. Inside are seven banguanan and shrines. Principal shrines in this temple berbentukgedong to Linggih Ida Ratu Ayu.
11. Pura Basukihan
- It is the right of the stairs going up to Pura PenataranAgung. In the sun tendapat 10 buildings and shrines. Pelin, ggih substantially shaped roof meru with bertmgkat 9 as Linggih Sang Hyang Naga Basuki.
12. Pura Agung Besakih Penataran
- Tenletak in the middle of the temple, including the Pura Besakih. This includes the largest temple complex in the Pura Besakth. Composed and 7 Degree of buildings and shrines denganjumlah page entirely as many as 53 pieces. Here there is a large meru roofs of seven levels of 11, 9, 7, 5, and 3. Pelinggih which is essentially worship is Padma Three as Linggih Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa in its manifestation as the Purusa Mr. Ciwa, Sadha Ciwa and Panama Ciwa which is also a "pivot" and pretend the other.
13. Pura Batu Madeg
- Located about 150 meters on the right (north) Penataran Court. This temple is a large temple complex, with 29 buildings and shrines. Pelinggih substantially large thatched roofed meru-shaped roof 11. This building is a manifestation of Lord Vishnu Linggih Sang Hyang Widhi, which controls the north direction. Fashion color in this temple are all in black.
14. Pura Kiduling Kreteg
- Located about 300 meters on the left (South) Penataran Court, upon a hill. Inside there are 21 buildings and shrines. Pelinggih are essentially large roofed meru Linggih level 11 as the manifestation of Lord Brahma and Sang Hyang Widhi as ruler of the south. This temple complex is a large complex, almost as large as the complex Pura Batu Madeg. Color red dress in this temple.
15. Pura Dark
- Located about 600 meters on a hill east Penataran Court. Inside are six buildings and shrines. Roofed meru shrines are essentially 3 as Linggih Lord Iswara - manifestation Sang Hyang Widhi as ruler anah sobelah east. Fashion color in this temple is completely putth.
16. Pura Supplied
- Located about 1 km on the right Penataran Court, in which there are 12 buildings and shrines. Pelinggih pokoknyaberbentuk meruberatap level 11, pleaded Kuturan professor pat tem blessing Trance Wicthi in order a ceremony on Mount Agung.
17. Pura Pengubengan
-It is located 1.5 km to the north Pura PenataranAgung, in which there are six buildings and shrines. Its function as a ngayat or nubeng-a ceremony to Sang Hyang permakiuman Widhi that Penataran Agung ceremony will be held. Roofed meru shrines essentially be level 11.
18. PuraTirta
-It is located approximately 300 meters northeast Next Pura Pengubengan. In this temple there are two buildings and shrines, and holy water (Tirta). If there is a ceremony in the complex Pura Besakih, the temple is people begging tirta or holy water.
19. Pura Pasar Agung
- It is on the slopes of Mount Agung, through the Strait village to village Sebudi, then hike around the four hour hike to the north. Pelinggih his sernua destroyed when Mount Agung erupted in 1963, and by the work of Eka Dasa Rudra in Besakih have begun gradually improved sarnpai now.
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Kamis, 08 November 2012

The charm of the temple land lot

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Sunset by Tanah lot,Bali
Name Tanah Lot is certainly no stranger to tourists who have repeatedly come to Bali. Never mind that has come many times, people who are outside the Bali too had heard the name of this wonderful attraction either from television, newspapers, internet, stories of friends, and so on. Tanah Lot is presenting the stunning natural beauty that is hard to find a match. At Tanah Lot temple building was founded in the 15th century AD the days Rauh Bawu Nirartha Rawuh or derived from the Majapahit Kingdom. At that time, the ruler Tanah Lot, Bendesa Beraben reportedly jealous Nirartha magic that can conquer and create sympathy for the people of Bali. Then Bendesa Beraben Nirirtha Danghyang told to leave the land of Bali. He also agreed, but before he left the Tanah Lot, with the power and authority he moved a large boulder into the middle of the beach and build a temple there.
Sunset by Tanah lot, Bali
Danghyang Nirirtha also changed her shawl into a snake temple guards. Until kinipun-snake is still there, which is scientifically snakes including sea snakes that have physical characteristics such as fish Like a flat-tailed, black in color and have a yellow stripe on the body, as well as the poison that is three times more lethal than cobra venom.

Indescribable beauty of this temple because the temple is situated in the middle of the sea or separated from the mainland. Around the temple there are several other temples which are smaller, such as temple Pekendungan. Western section of fresh springs are considered holy by Hindus. While there are some caves underneath where the inside life of many snakes are large, medium and small with different colors. However snakes are harmless if not disturbed by visitors. When low tide visitors can directly go to the temple to pray or simply enjoy the beauty of the beach. But if the sea water was high tide, the temple looks like a boat floating on the water.
Attractions Pura Tanah Lot is located in the village of Beraban, district of Kediri, Tabanan regency. Or about 13 km from Tabanan city that can be reached by 10-15 minutes.

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